Frequently asked questions 

When is the right time to sort out my maternity bag? 

In short the sooner the better really, but it is recommended to organise it between 34 and 36 weeks. These dates are giving as there is a higher risk of an earlier birth after these dates.

What are the limits of bags I can take? 

As far as I know no hospital limits the amount of bags you can take. Having said that space is always limited in hospitals. Which is why our bags have been carefully selected to be big enough to hold everything, but not to big to take up lots of valuable space.

How long will I be in hospital for? 

This solely depends on the birth, but following a normal delivery it is likely to be 24-48 hours. All items in my bags will suffice for up to 48 hours. Should you leave before 48 hours all items can be used at home so there is no waste.

What size clothing do you supply for my baby?

Every baby is different and it is difficult to predict their exact size, ask the professionals. I include newborn size clothing, which is for a baby weighing between 6lbs-9lbs.

What size are your bags? 

All bag sizes are available within the bag description. The larger ones have enough room for you to pack all the little extras you require.

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